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Dr.Web - Ultime Notizie
Dr.Web Light 11.0.2 for Android released

Dr.Web 11.0.2 for macOS released

Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 for UNIX

Support service system for interacting with Dr.Web users undergoes redesign

Dr.Web Light 11.0.0 for Android released

Parental Control and other innovations in Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 for Android

Video instructions on how to configure the Parental Control settings in Dr.Web for Android

How to recover a Dr.Web Security Space for Android version 12 password

Dr.Web will tell whether Android devices have been exposed to the BlueBorne vulnerability in the Bluetooth protocol

Dr.Web Light 11.0.0 for macOS released

Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 for Windows, Dr.Web CureNet!, Dr.Web KATANA 1.0, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0 and 10.1, Dr.Web 11.0 for MS Exchange, Dr.Web 11.0 for Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG, Dr.Web 11.0 for IBM Lotus Domino and Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.0

Dr.Web products for UNIX updated to version 11.0.3

New rules in force for blocking pirated Dr.Web licenses

Beta testing launched for Dr.Web 11.0 for UNX mail servers and Dr.Web 11.0.3 for Linux

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.1 updated

Dr.Web Light 10.0 for Android released

Dr.Web Net filtering Service in Dr.Web Security Space 11.0, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Windows, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0 and Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.0 updated

New Dr.Web brochure describes how to protect computers from encryption ransomware

Doctor Web changes its policy regarding the recovery of ransomware-corrupted files

Dr.Web Security Space for Android updated to version 11.1.0



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Security Space
Dr.Web Antivirus per Windows Ver.5
Dr.Web anti-virus per Windows

Windows+ Linux
Componenti per la Protezione
Anti-virus per Windows
Anti-virus per Linux    
HTTP monitor    
Controllo Genitori
Funzioni Principali
Protezione dai viruses
Protezione da spyware
Protezione da adware
Protezione delle e-mail da viruses
Protezione da spam    
Protezione da cyber-criminali che agiscono nei confronti dei bambini    
Protezione da minacce via Internet    
Protezione workstations nr.
1-50 1-50 1-50
Sconti sui rinnovi delle licenze
Sconti sulla migrazione da altri prodotti
Licenza Gratuita di Dr.Web for Windows Mobile
Sistemi Operativi supportati
(solo per sistemi a 32-bit)
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/
- MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
- Linux glibc-2.2 & 2.3
Acquista On-line
per Cellulari e PocketPC per PC Windows - Linux per File Server

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